SPM leaver


And this is us. Alhamdulillah my name was announced. Alhamdulillah naik pentas. Alhamdulillah selfie-ing with smile. Alhamdulillah for everything. Straight As (with 6 A+) were more than enough. Allah gave me more than I deserved. Thank you TBZ for the ups and downs till we managed to get No.1 Perak.

So, plans for further study? Urgh hard to explain even harder to get through. Busy applying for scholarships, UPU, matriks and else (walaupun macam tak layak) bcs of such competitions from others but worth trying than nothing. Do pray for me hoping that when I think about my future, I'm having a headache from looking at something tht so bright lmao. 

Please don't consider this as 'riak' atau 'menunjuk' peace yo.

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